Bishop Eddie Long Says He Is Going To Fight Against The Accusations


Updated Trends: Bishop Eddie Long Says He Is Going To Fight Against The Accusations

Bishop Eddie Long has stated that he is going to fight against all the accusations on him, that have been placed by four young men. His vow to stand against the accusations has brought some relief and cheers for the Church members. Pastor Long was at his Church this Sunday and spoke about the charges that were kept forward by the four young men who were a part of the church at one time.

Bishop Eddie Long

It was the first public appearance after he was accused of sexual abuse, and he stated that he is undergoing a very tough time in his life. He did not speak much about the statements that were presented by his attorney in context to the sexual abuse. He did give a sermon on Sunday but did not mention anything directly about the claims on him.

The Church seemed to be very happy on the positive gesture made by the pastor to fight against these claims. Bishop Eddie Long had previously stated that these claims are not true at all. The four men have already filed a case against the pastor in the court.