7 health benefits of skipping

Skipping is an exercise that is practiced by athletes and has several health benefits


Skipping is one of the few exercises which is very underrated. The fact is that this exercise has many benefits and is actually more effective than any other cardio exercises. The exercise is simple and is the perfect workout for a warm up. Skipping is recommended by many athletes and fitness experts and has many health benefits. Here are a few benefits of rope jumping or skipping.

1. Good for the health of the heart – Skipping is a great exercise and it helps to increase the heart rate. More blood is pumped throughout the body and promotes overall heart health.

2. Gives a toned body – For a full body workout, there cannot be anything better than skipping. Since the entire body is being worked out, it gives a toned look to the body. The body parts that are most worked out include biceps, triceps and thighs.

3. Promotes weight loss – Since it is a great way to exercise, it surely promotes weight loss. Apart from weight loss, it improves the body mass index and works better than any other workout pattern.

4. Gives a boost to immunity – Any physical workout or activity helps in building a good immunity. Also contributes in reducing inflammation. However, you just need to make sure that you do not overdo any kind of exercise, or you might end up exerting and would also make you prone to infections.

5. Improves mood – Physical activity gives a good stimulation to setotonin which is also known as the feel good hormone. This also helps to improve the mood and also helps in other mental disorders like anxiety and depression.

6. Good for stamina – Skipping can be a great way to improve your stamina. Before a big race, athletes practice rope jumping as it also helps in improving strength, balance as well as endurance.

7. Good for the joints – Such form of exercise goes easy on the joints, knees and elbows and also lowers the risk of any injury to such vital parts of the body.

Photo Credits: Pixabay