5 signs of Vitamin D deficiency that should not be ignored

Vitamin D deficiency often shows signs that should not be ignored

Vitamin D

Are you not getting enough of Vitamin D?

The human body needs a proper balance of vitamins and minerals for proper functioning. Out of all the vitamins, Vitamin D is the most important one that is important for the immunity, digestives and nervous systems. For proper absorption of calcium, the body needs to have ample. The main source for the nutrient is sunlight and many people who do not get get their daily dose of sunshine often suffer from this deficiency. Here are a few symptoms in case of the deficiency of Vitamin D .

1. Back and muscle pain – There are various factors that could be a cause of body aches, but this vitamin deficiency can cause pain in the ribs, joints and legs.

2. Hair fall – Most of the time, the reason for hair loss occurs is due to the lack of nutrients, and Vitamin D is crucial for the proper nourishment of the hair. Only a few times hair loss happens due to stress.

3. Depression – This might sound a little unusual, but the fact is that feeling low or suffering from depression could also be a sign of a deficiency. This is common among senior citizens.

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4. Tiredness – If you are constantly experiencing tiredness through the day time despite having a good night’s sleep, this leads to headaches and could be a sign of deficiency. Low levels of Vitamin D often affects energy levels as well.

5. Falling sick often – If you are falling sick too often, then this is an indication of poor immunity of the body. Vitamin D helps to keep the immunity of the body strong and also fights many infectious viruses.

It is important to spend some time in the day in the sunlight or take supplements. There are also a few foods like fish, cheese and egg yolks that contain Vitamin D and can be consumed as per convenience and need.

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