5 Easy ways to keep things organized at home or office

No one likes to be amidst clutter and being organized also helps to keep your mind and soul organized


It is healthy to be organized in life as it keeps your mind calm and also helps to finish your everyday tasks with ease. When you find clutter around you, it makes you feel irritated and also makes some of the simple everyday tasks tough and lengthy. Being organized is not rocket science, but a few tipsΒ  can help you to maintain your every day items and tasks.

1. Use sticky notes – There are also colorful sticky-notes that can be easily bought from the stationary store. These small bits of paper with adhesives on the top can be helpful to find a document easily, when you are looking for it. They can also be used on the calendar to remember an important meeting or a birthday of someone important you cannot afford to forget.

2. Make Labels – There are many things that are found at your house and office that can be labeled. Spice boxes, medicine boxes, cosmetic pouches and jewellery boxes can be labeled with their respective names. Such labels on important things can help to be handy when in hurry. You can either buy an economical label maker or get cut label stickers.


3.Make use of small boxes or holders –  Holders and boxes are these days available in a variety of sizes and for different purposes at home or office. Such boxes help to keep your items at home or office organized. You can either recycle old cans and bottles as holders or check out Eco-friendly options at a store.

4. Make friends who are organized – Try to find a friend who is also on a mission to clear things up and also likes to be organized. A friend with similar characteristics will help you to keep yourself in check at regular intervals. If you have a hoarder as a friend, you might end up getting more things than you need.

5. Wipe things everyday – This does not take much time and actually takes a few minutes. Wiping things before you begin your day, will help you to remain energetic and also free from dust allergies. Get anti-bacteria wipes or make your own wipes with vinegar and lemon juice.

Photo Credits: Pixabay & Unsplash