5 Forms of exercise that help reduce weight despite obesity genes

There are indeed a few forms of exercises that help to reduce weight despite them having obesity genes


There are many individuals who have inherited genes that make them more likely to become obese, compared to other people. It is widely known that diet plays an important role in obesity outcomes but also actively contributes to one’s body weight. A recent study was published in Public Library of Science (PLOS) Genetics which has detailed six specific exercises that helps to curb weight gain in people with genetic risk factors for obesity. It has also mentioned the exercises that do not offer the same benefits.

The research was conducted by the National Taiwan University where scientist Wan-Yu Lin and colleagues evaluated the effects of different types of exercise on 18,424 participants ages 30 to 70. With the help of data analysis, the researchers identified six exercises that had seemingly helped the participants keep their body weight lower despite having a genetic risk for obesity. Here are the exercises mentioned by the researchers.

1. Walking – Walking has always been the best exercise and is beneficial to keep your health at check. 20 to 30 minutes of walking everyday is enough to keep your weight at check.

2. Power walking – Power walking is nothing but walking at a faster pace. It can also be called as brisk walking and is different from jogging or running. It is often confused with racewalking and is a good exercise to keep your weight in limits.

3. Mountain climbing – Like the name suggests, the exercise is similar to climbing a mountain, but you do not need to climb an actual mountain. It helps to get your heart rate up fast and fires nearly every muscle in the body. In a plank position with arms and legs long, pull your right knee in to your chest and quickly switch and pull the left knee in, while putting the right knee back to plank position. Continue to switch knees and it will give you a good exercise.

4. Long yoga practices – Yoga is a gentle form of exercise, but practicing yoga for a long time gives good benefits of keeping your weight in check.

5. International standard dancing – International forms of dancing gives a good workout and helps to keep your weight under control.

Photo Credits: Pixabay