Amazon ventures in to real estate business

Amazon has joined hands with Realogy and ventured in to real estate business


Amazon has spread its arms as a huge e-retailer and is now all set to enter the real estate business. The company has joined hands with Realogy with hopes to jump-start its smart home and home services business. The partnership was announced by Amazon on July 23, 2019 with Realogy which is nation’s largest real estate broker, called TurnKey that will provide brokerage with exclusive leads of potential homebuyers. It will also help to boost Amazon’s smart home division and Home Services, house cleaning services of the company, general handy man service and maintenance.

The homebuyers who buy through TurnKey will get up to $5000 in free services from those divisions of the e-commerce giant. Talking about the partnership, the prospective homebuyers will visit TurnKey website and answer a few questions about where they reside and what kind of house they are looking to buy. Amazon will then refer the lead to Realogy agent and if the buyer finalises a house through the Realogy agent, they get two coupons for Amazon services through Realogy.

One of the coupons will be $450 to $1500 for the Amazon Home Services that provides services like furniture assembly, cleaning and maintenance. The next one will be a $500 to $3,500 couple for Amazon smart home products. To avail the maximum $5000 benefit, the purchase home has to be for $700,000 or more. The fresh partnership can prove to be a real game changer for Realogy, which had faced a tough year as its stock price droped by almost 80 percent as the housing market has cooled down. The company is also losing leads and also the commissions to the sites like Zillow.

But now exclusive leads will be generated through Amazon and Realogy will be able to collect a larger share of commissions. For Amazon, the new partnership will add a large paying customer to Home Services that faces a tough competition from the competitors like Thumbstack, Handy and TaskRabbit.

Photo Credits: Pixabay