Quick home remedies to soothe mouth ulcers


Change of weather is many times not good for the body. Sudden change from a hot weather to rains can affect the body, if the metabolism is poor. If the body does not get used to the changing weather then it does affect in a negative way. Under such circumstances, ulcers become a common problem. They can be caused anywhere in the body be it the stomach or mouth. It can be extremely painful as well as traumatic. Here s a list of remedies that can soothe the ulcers.

1. Honey – Honey is a great way to soothe the ulcers. It can be had twice a day with luke-warm water or it can also be simply applied on the affected area. It has major healing power and can help the wound heal quickly.

2. Yoghurt – Yoghurt is also known as a super food that works in various ways. It contains lactobacillus that helps in digestion and helps in balancing the bad bacteria with good bacteria. Yoghurt sooths the mouth and helps in curing ulcers quickly.

3. Baking Soda – Not many are aware that even baking soda is great for ulcers. Take some baking soda and add a few drops of water to it to make a thick paste. Apply it to the affected areas and keep it on for a few minutes and then rise with water. Repeat this process thrice a day.

4. Toothpaste – Toothpaste can be a quick fix. Take some toothpaste on a cotton bud and apply on the affected areas in the mouth. Leave it for a while and wash off with mild water. For best results, try this remedy twice a day. Toothpaste has antimicrobial capacity that helps in clearing off the infection.

5. Coconut milk – Coconut milk has many advantages. You just need to gargle your mouth for a few minutes and rinse with cold water . The soothing quality helps in reducing the pain.

Photo Credits: Pixabay