Refurbished Samsung Android devices available sans Google

A new mobile OS has been introduced that runs independently without Android


There is no doubt that Android is one of the popular mobile operating systems to date. It offers various options and features that any smartphone user would like to have. It also offers great customization options that allows any person to personalize their device so as to make it look and feel unique to their tastes. These days with many of the devices and services, privacy has become one of the major concerns for people and specifically with Google. The search engine had recently admitted that it keeps track of people’s use of their services.

Some of the recent reports had mentioned that it kept passwords unprotected and in simple plaintext for a long time and this caused a concern for data privacy among the users. /e/ OS is a new operating system which is like Android without Google. The new platform works similar to Android complete with an own app store but puts stress on the user data privacy for the benefit of all. The /e/ OS is available for installation in many different smartphones that run on Android. It can run on many of the brands like OnePlus, Motorola, Xiaomi and on also some of the Google’s own handsets but will not run on all brands.

Users who know how to flash ROMs in to their smartphones can download the /e/ ROM from the /e/ website. And for people who do not know, leader Gael Duval said that they are working on a plan to allow people send their devices to the /e/ Foundation to be flashed and returned running on the OS. Tao be specific, the Foundation is selling refurbished Samsung S7, S7 Edge, S9 and S9+ smartphones and all of them are grade A with /e/ OS pre-installed.

The Foundation added that with the use of refurbished devices of Grade A it can help to lessen the amount of devices ending up in landfills and will be able to offer top notch devices at lower costs.

Photo Credits: Liliputing