Five snack ideas that will not hike blood sugar

Type 2 diabetes is a common kind of the blood sugar condition

blood sugar

People who have the condition of Type 2 diabetes have to follow a diet that is low in sugar, fat and calories. However, that does not mean that they have to avoid snacks in between meals. Snacks are usually high on calories, sugar and fat and can lead to a high in your blood sugar levels. But there are a few foods that are healthy and are also friendly with your taste buds.

1. Bread and dips – Bread and dips are surely a healthy choice but some of the dips can be high in fat. Instead of bread you can go for carrot or celery sticks and go for salsa or low-fat hummus.

2. Crisps – Crisps can be high in fat and salt so you can opt for plain popcorn. You can avoid salty or sweet pop corn and add spices or cinnamon if you still need some flavor.

3. Ice-cream – Ice-creams are also high on sugar levels so you can try for a frozen banana or a low-fat frozen yoghurt that are lower in fat and contain less free sugar.

4. Fizzy drinks – Commercial fizzy drinks are packed with sugar but you can opt for a zero-sugar or diet counterparts. However, it is even better to avoid them completely or replace with plain water or flavoured water.

Some of the common symptoms of diabetes

1. frequent urination – If you are visiting the toilet more often especially at the night then it is a common sign of diabetes.

2. Thirst – If you are too much thirsty otherswise known as polydipsia it is also a sign of diabetes and is linked to frequent urination.

3. Weight loss – If you are not trying to lose weight and notice a loss of muscle bulk or if the number on the scales are dropping then it can also be a sign.

4. Blurred vision – High blood sugar levels can cause the lens inside the eyes to swell which can result in a blurred vision.

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