5 Amazing benefits of water

This World Water Day, learn about the amazing benefits of water


The World Water Day is celebrated on March 22, every year with a different theme. This year the theme is ‘Leaving no one behind’ and is about tackling the water crisis by talking about reasons why so many people are left behind. The World Water day makes attempts to create awareness among people about the importance of water consumption along with health benefits and uses people promote sustainability for fresh water resource management.

The human body is made of 60 percent water, but not many people know that on any given day, the human body loses 1.9 litres of water through perspiration. Unless you carryout a physical activity, most of such perspiration goes unnoticed. The body constantly regulates its temperature through sweat. Here are a few amazing benefits of drinking water.

1. Promotes healthy weight management – Water helps to remove fat out of the body and helps you to feel more full. It is a natural appetite suppressant but also improved metabolism.

2. Improved complexion – Dehydration harms the skin and if the skin does not get sufficient water then lack of hydration turns the skin dry, tight and flaky. Drinking water helps moisturize and keeps the skin supple and wrinkle-free.

3. Improves immune system – During the cold and flu season, drinking more water helps to stay away from infections as it helps in improving the immune system. It carries oxygen to the body’s cells which helps proper functioning of systems. It also flushes harmful toxins from the body.

4. Prevents bad breath – Bad breath is a clear sign of dehydration. Drinking enough fluids washes away leftover food particles and oral bacteria that leads to bad breath.

5. Keeps your mood better – Fluids helps the internal systems and organs running promptly and you are more likely to feel better about yourself. Begin your day with a glass of water before breakfast as it keeps the mind and body alert.

Photo Credits: Pixabay