6 Healthy foods you can have on the go

At times when you are hungry, a few foods can help in suppressing your temporary hunger


Our lives are mostly ruled by meetings, household chores, parties work schedules and so many other important things that rule our lives. Sometimes our everyday schedule takes such a toll that we forget to take care of our health and even forget to eat. There are many of us who at the end of the day realize that we did not eat anything the entire day. Here are a few foods that can be had while on the go and can be easily carried.

1. Peanut butter sandwiches – This is the easiest snack to make and also very healthy. Peanut butter is filled with fibre, proteins, antioxidants, potassium, vitamins, magnesium and many other healthy nutrients. It takes barely two minutes to make a peanut butter sandwish and has lesser calories than a regular cheese sandwich.

2. Boiled eggs – Boiled eggs contain a good dose of Vitamin D and can be easily consumed on a daily basis.

3. Fruits – One of the easiest things to munch and they are also filling and keep you feel satiated for a longer time due to its fibre content. Bananas, Oranges, guavas and more are packed with nutrients.

4. Roasted chickpeas – Either you can make them or can buy them from any convenience store. Chickpeas are rich in proteins and fibre and are low on caliries and make you feel satiated for a longer time.

5. Dry fruits – Any dry fruits care rich in Vitamin B12 and E and they are not just healthy but keeps your stomach filled for a longer period. They also help to relieve stress levels. A small box of dry fruits can be handy for you at time you feel hungry.

6. Protein bars – They are nutritious and healthy and is the only packaged food item which can be relished without any guilt. There are a variety of flavours that suit your taste buds.

Photo Credits: Pixabay