Jupiter And Full Moon In Sky On The Night Of Sept. 23rd


Updated Trends: Jupiter And Full Moon In Sky On The Night Of Sept. 23rd

It is going to be a double delight on the night of Sept. 23rd, as Jupiter and the full moon will be lighting up the black sky. Jupiter is at the closest point to the earth after almost decades, and it is a rare opportunity to spot the giant planet and the full moon together from earth.

Jupiter and Moon together

One reason that no one can miss this, is that Jupiter is very bright in the sky, and for the moment the second brightest object in the sky after the moon, so even in the moon’s bright light it will no be dimmed out. It was this day in the year 1846 at the Berlin Observatory, Johann Gottfried Galle, discovered the distant planet in our solar system, called Neptune.

Spotting Jupiter in the night sky is a delight to watch, as it is bright and seen close to the Moon, it looks like they are the same objects in the sky, only one of them is bigger than the other. Jupiter will be present close to the earth for some weeks now, so people will have ample of opportunity to see the planet with their very own eyes.