Iran Bomb Attack Kills 10 People During Military Parade


Updated Trends: Iran Bomb Attack Kills 10 People During Military Parade

10 People were Reported to be killed as a bomb attack took place during a military parade in Mahabad, Iran. The explosion was so intense that some people were dead on the spot. It has been reported that no soldiers have been killed, but the majority of people who were killed in the blast were children and women.

mahabad iran bomb blast

The officials have blamed that “Counter Revolutionaries” to have done this act. The parade was in honor of the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war. Such extremists have been active in this area since a long time, which is also home to a sizable population of Kurdish people.

Kurdish separatists have been known to have clashed with the Turks in the northern area of Iraq and also regularly with the Iranian Security forces. The explosion took place near a tree, as the bomber was connected with a timer, and exploded as scheduled during the parade. The bomb explosion took place some 50 meters away from the parade, which killed some 10 people. Two women who were wives of two top military officials have been killed on the spot.