6 Measures to take while sitting in front of computer all day

Sitting in front of the computer all day can be tiring for the eyes and the body


There are many people who have to sit in front of the computer all day due to their work commitments. However, such gadgets often harm you in many ways. But rest assured, just a few adjustments and measures you can save yourself from the harmful effects.

1. Keep your body hydrated – Drink water frequently. Drinking water will keep you hydrated and will also keep you energized and will also force you to get up from your desk and visit the washroom. This will give you a little time off from the same position from hours together.

2. Adjust the desk space – Make sure that you adjust your computer to the right level for the comfort of your eyes. The level must not be too low to sprain your neck or too high or you might develop a back pain and can also make your eyes dry. Make sure that your eyes are looking down at ten degrees angle maximum.

3. Work out at your desk – Yes it is possible to work out at your desk. You can just get up from your chair and stretch a few times and need not have to use any equipments. This keeps the blood flowing through your muscles.

4. Blink your eyes – Constant starring at the computer screen can damage your eyes. Try to look around at a distance every 15 minutes so as to relax the focus levels of the eyes.

5. Use large fonts – You can use large fonts while working on your computer which will reduce the stress on your eyes cause by reading small letters.

6. Rest your eyes – Your eyes work everyday by looking at the computer screen or looking at your smartphone and this can weaken the eye sight. Feel free to close your eyes for five minutes in between your work schedule to give it some rest.

Photo Credits: Pixabay