Tips on how to dress your Dog

dog dressing

Does your dog need to be dressed?

Do you have a dog and want to dress it for one reason or the other? Well, read this post to the end to find out how. Grooming a dog is fun and brings a sense of humor to the owner. Dogs are the friendliest pets on earth. They look awesome when clothed; just try grooming your dog today. But, do you know that not all outfits are best for your dog? Here are factors to consider when clothing your Dog.

1. Weather

Dogs are warm-blooded animals they need warmth when it is cold. What is the weather? This should be the first question to ask yourself? Look for hoodies, woolen clothes when it is cold, but when it is warm you will have to look for light clothing to keep your dog from overheating.

2. Color

If you like having fun, try mixing colors on your dog’s clothes and find out how lovely they will look. Everyone feels good when they walk their dogs and people start admiring your pet. If you are that kind of a person, add color to your dog’s clothes, it works well.

3. Size

Look for the right size of your dog’s clothes. Very tight clothes will make the dog anxious and they won’t like the idea. Lightweight clothes that are not too tight are the best to dress your dog. Remember that dogs are not meant to wear clothes. So as much as you would like to make your dog fit into a different clothing, you should do it moderately.

dog styling_ut

4. Purpose

What is the purpose of dressing up your dog? Are you grooming your dog for a certain occasion? The purpose will guide you in the right clothes. Visit pet’s shops and request for a clothe for a particular occasion and you will get it. Consider styling  your dog on the theme of the occasion to avoid your dog looking out of place.

The above factors will help you make the best choice on your Dog’s clothing; it is time to groom your dog. There are many ways to groom your dog and still look awesome. Here are different clothes to dress your dog

a. Bowtie

A bow tie looks splendid on dogs. The complexion of your dog will determine the best color of the tie. Ties can go alone and still look awesome to your dog.


b. Cap/hat

A cap covers the head of your dog only. A cap can go well on its own; it can also look splendid with other outfits. You can match the cap and the body outfit and find out how you’ll love it.

c. Bodysuit

If you want your dog to look really attractive, you better shop for dogs’ body suits. Bodysuits come in different kinds. There are those which will cover the whole body excluding the limbs. This is the most common one and looks nice on both big dogs and small ones. There are those that will cover the upper part of the dog only. Look for your preference and help your dog look awesome.


Apart from ready-made clothes for dogs, you can customize your dog’s clothing the way you like it. You can do it yourself or you can contract someone to help you. One way to enjoy with your dog is to make it look splendid. If you are fond of taking your dog to shopping malls or even on park walk, grooming your dog can make it more fun. One note to keep in mind is to not dress your dog if he/she is uncomfortable with the dressing.

Photos: Pixabay