Acne Drugs Are Not Responsible For Depression Or Suicidal Thoughts


    Updated Trends: Acne Drugs Are Not Responsible For Depression Or Suicidal Thoughts

    It is not the acne drug that is responsible for depression or suicidal thoughts among the teenagers but the, the problem itself is the core and sole responsible holder. The researchers found that people who suffered from severe acne problem were two or three times more prone to depression and suicidal thoughts than those who hardly had acne problems.


    The previous researches claimed that the acne medications were responsible for this condition amongst the youth. Roche’s ‘Accutane’ had been put under threat many a times it was also linked to defects in birth and was strictly asked to stop the intake during pregnancy. Accutane is available in the market as isotretinoin.

    Jon Anders Halvorsen of Oslo University Hospital said, “There is a pretty strong and consistent association between acne and symptoms of depression or mental health problems.” Halvorsen’s study has been published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

    The research is based on Halvorsen’s survey that was carried on 3,775 18 19-years olds in Oslo.

    Ian Goodyer, Cambridge University psychiatrist said that it is too early to come to a firm conclusion. He said, “From this research I do not think we can say negative impacts on mental health were nothing to do with the drugs taken for severe acne. There may be additive effects in an already vulnerable group.”