5 common mistakes while doing exercise

Exercise is essential yet needs to be done under proper supervision and with proper knowledge


Everyone follows a fitness regime. But are you sure you are doing it the right way. Many people are regular in terms of their workout schedules but not all of them for a personal trainer. This means people, who are on their own might be working out in the wrong way. Here are a few common exercise mistakes that you might be making during workout.

1. Faulty neck positions – It is often noticed that people look down or straight ahead while they are doing squats, dead lifts or push-ups. They might not realize that this strains the cervical spine. So it is a good idea to pack the neck and point the chin down. It is also better to keep a double chin and keep it that way when you are doing the squats.

2. Jogging on the heels – Jogging on the heels shakes the ankles, hips and knees and if this continues, it can also lead to knee pain, shin splits or other leg injuries. It is a good idea to run on the balls of the feet to absorb the shock.

3. Allowing the knees to cave in – Due to stress on the knees it can cause an injury especially when you are performing weight lifting exercises or squats. The knees must be bent outwards so as to avoid any stress on the knees. You must also make sure to clench the side of the muscles of the hips to keep the knees from getting injured due to the weight.

4. Baby steps during lunging – This puts the knee ahead of the front foot while putting pressure on the knees. You can either take wider steps or push the heels in to the ground to ensure the knee does not move ahead of the heel.

5. Raising elbows higher on the bench press – This puts intense pressure on the shoulder and can cause injury. This also makes the exercise harder as the bar has to travel a longer distance.

Photo Credits: Pixabay