7 simple safety measures when using a chainsaw


Important points to note before getting your hands on that chainsaw

As useful as a chainsaw is, it comes with a lot of safety concerns. Chainsaw injuries are very common these days. In fact, over 30,000 chainsaw accidents occur yearly in the United States alone. Unfortunately, humans cannot do away with the tool because of its indispensable nature in sawing wood.

The only option is to adopt simple safety measures; make it a habit and you may never encounter any chainsaw accidents which in turn can save you millions of dollars in hospital bills and in other forms.

1. Ensure you read the manual

Manuals come with important instructions and safety measures. So, you should read the manual before using your chainsaw. Even if you have been using chainsaws, you should take the time to read the manual anytime you buy a new one.

2. There is no expertise in safety

It is quite ironic that new users encounter little accidents but experts seem to encounter bigger accidents. It is just like driving. Learners only encounter scratches and little collisions. Only expert drivers encounter ghastly crashes.

So, it is a problem when you think you are an expert in using chainsaws. Applying safety measures will become difficult. But when you keep seeing yourself as a learner, you may never encounter any accident. Come to think of it, a real expert is the one who is able to use a chainsaw successfully without any accident.

3. Start with less difficult tasks

It is advisable to start by using it on smaller trees if you are a new user.

How to handle the throttle

The throttles of most chainsaws are designed to be operated with the right index-finger. A left-handed person will have some difficulties handling it so extra care has to be taken.

4. Learn to shut it off instantly

You may run into a situation that requires you to shut off your chainsaw instantly. Looking for the switch will be time wasting so, you should be able to shut it off without looking for the switch.

5. Protect yourself

Wear a hard hat and a pair of goggles. Due to the noisy nature of chainsaws, you need to wear hearing protectors. Cap it all with a combination of leather gloves and hard-toe shoes. To avoid slipping and falling while the chainsaw is in use, make sure you never wear slippery shoes.

6. Refueling precautions

If your chainsaw is gasoline-powered, never refuel it while smoking. Never allow fuel to drop on hot engine.

7. First aid

No matter how careful you are, an accident can occur so you should have a first-aid kit handy whenever you want to use your chainsaw. The kit should have items like plasters, band-aids, gauze pads, compression bandages, folding c-collars and a pair of scissors or trauma shears.

In conclusion, most of the necessary safety measures will be covered in the manual so you should take the time to study it before using your chainsaw.

Photo Credit: Pixabay