The US will witness a solar eclipse on August 21 – Here’s where you can watch it online

solar eclipse

The last time the United States got to witness a solar eclipse, it was back in 1979. For millennials, this means that they’ve never gotten to experience the magic of the full moon eclipsing the sun. No matter where you are in the world, however, you can also watch the celestial phenomenon, thanks to technology. A number of portals are filming the solar eclipse live.

Before we say anything else, here’s a word of caution: Do not look at the solar eclipse with the naked eye. If it’s happening where you live, only look up at the sky with specialized goggles. No, sunglasses will not work either.

States in the US that will experience darkness for a few fleeting minutes include Oregon, Idaho, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Kentucky, Wyoming, Tennessee, Georgia, North and South Carolina. The place to witness the eclipse the longest, at two minutes and forty seconds, is going to be in Carbondale, Illinois.

And where can you watch the solar eclipse online? NASA and TIME will hold a live feed for all to see. There will also be a number of images that will be uploaded on social media sites, with astronauts celebrating with balloons at the International Space Station.The solar eclipse will go on for 100 minutes, and at least the entire continental USA will get to experience a partial eclipse. Don’t miss the live feed on Facebook Live by NASA as well as on YouTube.

Image Credit: Shutterstock