British Troops In Afghanistan Fear Religious Revenge After Koran Burning In USA


Updated Trends: British Troops In Afghanistan Fear Of Religious Revenge After Koran Burning In USA

The British troops in Afghanistan now fear a religious revenge that can be provoked in the region, after protesters in the US talked about the Koran burning. All hopes that the ceremony could be avoided were smashed when the protesters started to burn Korans on the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Koran Burning Protesters

Protesters demonstrating against the Koran burning incident. (Photo: Reuters)

Two demonstrators have been shot dead in Afghanistan by troops, after they came on the streets protesting against the Koran burning. Even though Florida Pastor, Terry Jones who had brought forth the opinion of burning the Muslim Koran, stated that he will not be going ahead with the ceremony, still that could not stop the protesters in US who were against this.

A lone protester, started to burn the pages of the Koran near the site of Ground Zero, and in Nashville, two religious leaders held the a private ceremony of Koran Burning. The male protester stated that “If they can burn the American Flag, then we will burn their Koran, the American people should never hesitate to give their opinion.”

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