Two brand new Harry Potter books to be released this fall

Harry Potter books

This fall, two new¬†Harry Potter¬†books are set to be published by Bloomsbury. But if you’re thinking this is a continuation of the story of the boy magician, or another series like¬†Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, you may not get what you’re looking for. It’s been twenty years since¬†Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s¬†Stone¬†by author J K Rowling was published and the publishers are looking to focus more on The Boy Who Lived.

The first book in the special publication bundle is called Harry Potter: A History Of Magic and will contain notes, drafts and other never before published material by J K Rowling. Her thoughts and ideas behind the boy wizard will be included in this coffee table book. It also includes essays by Major Tim Peake, Steve Backshall, Anna Pavord and Lucy Mangan, among others.

The second book is titled¬†Harry Potter – A Journey Through A History Of Magic and will cover other interesting topics in the world of Harry Potter’s wizardry, including an in depth history lesson into the past of Hogwarts. The book is targeted towards a universal audience, and will be quite a collector’s item for those who are serious fans of the series.

J K Rowling has not authored any of these two books, and is being published by Bloomsbury to keep the Harry Potter magic alive, as a 20th anniversary special. Both books will be available from October 20.

The British Library is holding a special exhibition to celebrate this milestone anniversary for Harry Potter fans. These books can be purchased there, and are at the moment only made available in the United Kingdom. A digital version of the book will be made available on the Pottermore website. The exhibition for Harry Potter will be held at the British Library and will run through to February 28, 2018.