Disney World Opens Pandora: World Of Avatar Making Visitors One With The Na’vi

Pandora: World Of Avatar

Disney World is already known as the happiest place on earth. And now it’s ready to transport you to the outlandish world of the Na’vi with the newly opened Pandora: World Of Avatar. Whether you’ve caught the film or not, this is one magical ride that you need to have on your Bucket List. It took Disney $500 million to build. Not only that, but filmmaker James Cameron and his Avatar team were on hand to re-create their on-screen masterpiece. The new section opened to the public on May 27 at Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. Already the massive crowd of visitors have created a serpentine queue that requires hours to reach even one section of Pandora. But seriously, it’s worth the wait.

The glow-in-the-dark Pandora: World Of Avatar shows no sign of Mickey Mouse or any traditional Disney characters. It’s like a whole new universe in itself. And of course, there’s plenty of food to go around. Two restaurants: Satu’li Canteen and Pongu Pongu Restaurant (meaning Party Party in traditional Na’vi) have colorful delicacies. From the Night Blossom drink to blueberry cream cheese mousse with passionfruit curd, expect some of the most creative edible art at the restaurants.

But what’s even cooler – you get to ride a Banshee! Yes, those delightful winged creatures that give you a breathtaking ariel view of Pandora: World Of Avatar are one of the best features of the make-believe world. And, you can watch avatars being created and have your own made specially for you!


Here’s a complete walk-through of Pandora: World Of Avatar so you know what to expect when you do visit, because of course you will –

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Image Credit: Disney World