Julia Gillard Remains Australia’s Prime Minister


Updated Trends: Julia Gillard Remains Australia’s Prime Minister

Julia Gillard will be remaining the Prime Minister of Australia after winning the recent elections. The announcement of her win came after the two weeks of stiff political elections. The minority government is Australia’s first since the World War II. One of her main credentials go to backing of two main MP’s which give her an additional MP in the lower house.


She spoke on a news conference stating that the events that took place in the past fortnight, clearly shows that their democracy is very strong indeed. She also added that the Labor Party stated that they will be providing a strong, effective and stable government for Australia, but she said the their main duty will be to serve the Australian people.

According the Mrs Gillard, she said that after coming into power for the second time, their government will be help more responsible and more accountable. Mr Abbot, her opponent during the elections, stated that the coalition government won more seats and votes than the other but sadly we could not form a government.