Big Secrets Reveal From The World’s Top Fitness Experts

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If you think you know everything about fitness, think again. True, each body type is unique, and you need to understand yours before getting into a fitness regimen. However, trying to get into a healthy lifestyle without expert help is pretty dangerous, considering that you could easily injure yourself in the process.

Today, we’re doing that for you. A number of fitness experts have doled out great advice on how to make sure that you live more healthily, but also that you get and stay in shape for a more sustainable period of time.

JC Santana is the owner of the Institute of Human Performance in Boca Raton. And JC has some sound advice. The length of your workouts doesn’t matter as much as the intensity. Even the shortest bursts of strenuous movement can have great results. And the best part is that you continue to burn fat even after you’re done working out for the day. Keep doing reps of 30 seconds to one minute, with short breaks in the middle, and watch the inches reduce in no time!

Michele Olson is a professor of Exercise Science at Auburn University and has this advice. Go inward when working out. See which exercise regimen suits you best. You should feel more alive, energetic and powerful after you’ve done your session. If you’re workout leaves you tuckered out and in severe pain, then either you’re doing it wrong, or it doesn’t suit you. For some, yoga is the answer, while for others, cardio works wonders.

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Rachel Cosgrove who is an author and co-owner of Results Fitness is about setting goals. Understand where you want to be, and workout accordingly. For example, if you’re planning to lose a few pounds within a month, get into a fitness program that will help you reach that goal on time.

Matt McGorry is a certified fitness and performance specialist. He says that working out with supportive people around you, pushes you to the limits. Reality star Khloé Kardashian thanks her workout buddy for being able to get into shape after struggling with weight problems her whole life. It makes you competitive, and when you have someone with you, you tend to want to get better and better.

Suzanne Bowen is the owner of Barre Amped and has this advice. It really does you little to no good if you’re working out, but follow a lousy diet. Eating processed food will leave you sluggish and will not get you in tune with your workout. If you’re planning to get healthy, switch to healthier food options for great results.