Forbes Rich List 2017: See Who’s Made The Biggest Bucks

Bill Gates Forbes Rich List
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Yesterday, we heard the news about David Rockefeller. One of the richest men in the world with a monopoly on some of the biggest financial institutions, including Chase Manhattan bank, and huge international political influence, passed away at age 101. He was always a permanent part of the Forbes Rich List.

So, it’s great now to see who are the richest living people in the world at the moment. Is your name on that list? No. Just Kidding. You’re poor. But scroll down in envy as you read about the richest people alive on the earth. Compiled by Forbes magazine as one of multiple annual lists, you will recognize these names in an instant. To be fair, they’ve been on that list for a very long time, and look as if they’re going to be there a while longer.

Topping the list as the richest person in the world, Microsoft founder Bill Gates is said to be worth $86 billion up from last year’s $75 billion. In fact, reports say that by 2020 he could become the world’s first trillionaire. As you go down the list, you can see that most billionaires come from the United States. There’s just one from Mexico and one from Spain that managed to make the cut.

United States President, Donald J Trump has been having a very bad year indeed. He’s dropped 220 spots and is said to now be worth only $3.5 billion. It’s also a little unnerving to see that there isn’t a single woman in the Top 10 list. The first woman is at #14, L’Oreal’s Liliane Bettencourt who is said to be worth $39.5 billion.


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Take a look at the top 10 richest people in the world –

Bill Gates – Microsoft – USA – $86 billion

Warren Buffet – Berkshire Hathaway – USA – $75.6 billion

Jeff Bezos – – USA – $72.8 billion

Amancio Ortega – Zara – Spain – $71.3 billion

Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook – USA – $56 billion

Carlos Slim Helo – telecom – Mexico – $54.4 billion

Larry Ellison – software – USA – $52.2 billion

Charles Koch – diversified – USA – $48.3 billion

David Koch – diversified – USA – $48.3 billion

Michael Bloomberg – Bloomberg LP – USA – $47.5 billion

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