How You Can Achieve That Entrepreneurial Dream In 2017


Now that 2016 is coming to a slow, cold end, it’s time to pull out your 2017 planner and get writing. Before you start with the list of resolutions, write that you are going to achieve those resolutions no matter what. It’s now or never. First things first, get over your mediocre job. No, this is not the career you wanted or planned for yourself, yet here you are – stuck in a job because it pays the bills. No one is saying you need to do a complete 360, quit and move to another city. But small steps in the right direction will take you a long way.

Many of us hold the secret that we want to one day have our own business and do our own thing. We weren’t built to follow. Whether it’s writing your own book, or being able to hold meditation classes, there is an entrepreneurial thread woven into our being. We planted those seeds long ago, but somehow the dirt of life has covered it up and made us believe that it died a silent death. But actually, it was growing strong roots and is now ready to burst out and grow fierce in the freedom of sunlight and air.

Make next year your year. Make it count. We give you some strong advice on how to achieve that entrepreneurial dream in 2017 –

Take risks

Who said that the biggest entrepreneurs aren’t terrified when betting against the odds? What’s the difference between a loser and a winner? The winner takes the risk anyway. If he fails, at least he know what not to do the next time he tries. And that’s the spirit you need. That undying passion that you will achieve what you set out to do come-what-may. Take risks in measures. Don’t be a fool and go all in, but take a calculated risk that won’t break you if you lose, but make you when you win.

Make money

In his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, author Robert Kiyosaki said: “The philosophy of the rich and poor is this: the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left.” In this world, money wins. If you don’t have the money, people aren’t going to follow you. Make sure that no matter what, you force yourself to keep money aside each month – this is called investing in yourself.

Make a plan

Timeline-vision-action. That’s what you’re looking for. Don’t run without first understanding the path. True, life doesn’t happen exactly as you want it to, but if you know where you’re headed, you won’t focus on those roadblocks but rather focus on the goal and achieve it. Sit down and plan. If you’re working on a book for example, begin my thinking about the number of chapters you want to write. Then the title of each chapter. As you get information and inspiration, file it into each of these chapters. Force yourself to write at least one page a day and by the end of the year, you would have a whole book!

Be the owner

If you don’t yet own a business, you own your own life. Don’t make anyone else responsible for how you live or how you plan your day. If your own life is out of control, imagine what will happen if you own a business and have to take care of employees! Ownership includes responsibility, risk-taking and discipline. It doesn’t come easy, and it doesn’t happen to everyone. So, fake it till you make it, form positive habits and watch yourself grow!