Video Show’s Chile Trapped Miners Singing To Keep Up Spirits


Updated Trends: Video Show’s  Chile Trapped Miners Singing To Keep Up Spirits

This is the third week now after 33 miners in Chile have been trapped 600 meters underground in a mine. But there has been a sigh of relief as new video footages have been released showing these trapped miners singing to keep up their spirits. Their attire has been worn down and have grown thick beards, but the main aim now is to stay alive and healthy.
Chile Mine Collapse

There was a 45 minute video taken underground of these miners, as they were shouting ‘Chile, Chile, Chile!!’ and were singing their national anthem. One of the miners asked the people to get them out if there as soon as possible.Others said that we know the people above are working hard and have not left them even for a single moment, so they thanked them by giving them an applause.

One of the miners in the video showed a little tour of the place, showing the places where slept, eat, and washed their faces and brushed. He said that everything is well organized by them down there. Many people who saw the video wept, specially the relatives. Only a 5 minute footage of the video was made public, else the video is 45 minutes long. A sample of the video can seen on the link source below.