Hey Brunette Beauty! Rainbow Hair Dyes Of Your Dreams Are Here


    Being a brunette is absolutely fantastic. As scientific research suggests, those with darker hair are considered more brainy and taken seriously as compared to those with lighter hair. Have you ever heard anyone compare a brunette with being dumb? Nope. But, one of the biggest downsides to dark hair is that you can’t really get experimental, especially when it comes to coloring. You see, the dyes that are packaged are meant for lighter hair shades. If you do want to get any semblance of color, you need to go through the painstaking, hair-burning and damaging process of bleaching it and if you’re doing it at home, you end up with 50 shades of WTF. And, your hair in general becomes drier, more damaged and annoying hard to maintain. But no more!

    SPLAT has done us dark heads a big favor by introducing their MIDNIGHT shades. Think of all the possible dyes of your dreams – from Ruby to Amethyst to Indigo – such magical names! Yes, the unicorn in you is doing a little dance right now. The colors are straight-to-hair, meaning that no matter what the current shade on your head, you still get the same results! Hell. Yeah.

    Also, you will be saving a ton of money and time, because all this dyeing can be done in the comfort of your home! It would be recommended to keep your roots free from any chemicals, but the rest of your hair is free to sparkle with some bright shades from Splat. It’s a simple process of divide hair, apply, leave on and wash. And if you know anything about the hair dye coloring company, then you know they use completely save products that maintain the quality of your hair and keep your follicles intact. This holiday season, what crazy color are you going to transform yourself with? Again, another scientific research (plus countless feedback from women) has said that changing up your hair really brings out a better side of yourself and makes you more confident.