Meet the Real Voice Behind Siri


Omg! Look whose here. Let’s all say hi to Siri, Ohh I mean Susan Bennett!

For those who don’t know Siri

Siri is a computer program which works as an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator. It is a part of Apple iOS operating systems. The feature uses a natural language user interface to answer your questions and provide you with the required answers depending on your useage. Siri sends commands (depending on your question) to a set of Web services. The software adapts to the user’s language behaviour and preferences with continuing use and returns results that are best for you. There are several accent and gender combinations for the voice of Siri.

I’m sure everyone has used Siri’s help at least once , or cracked some joke on not getting the right answer. Here are all your answers to the Siri phenomena in this short video. Here you go, take a look!

Hope you enjoyed watching this video!

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