The bodyweight workout you can do anywhere within 10 minutes

The bodyweight workout you can do anywhere within 10 minutes
The bodyweight workout you can do anywhere within 10 minutes

Are you busy or travelling and cannot make it to your usual gym? Relax; there is a way to get sweaty from the comfort of your home or hotel. This is by doing easy exercises that do not take a lot of your time. All you need is 10 minutes of your time, comfortable clothes, and a clear space. You do not require a machine, props or weights. Hang on and find out some of these exercises below;

1. Crab Reach

crab reach
Crab reach

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This is a great exercise to stretch your front body muscles while relaxing the glutes, arms, hamstrings, and back extensors.

You can begin on the ground, like in a sitting position with your hands pointed away from you. Keep your feet parallel, under your hips.

Then, lift your hips towards the ceiling, as high as you can. Keep your pelvis pushed forward so your back will remain flat or neutral. While at this position, extend your left arm back and reach behind you.

Next, come to your original position and switch sides.

Repeat the above steps. Lift your hips up, this time reaching your back with the right arm. If done properly, you should feel your entire body working.

2. Around-the-clock single-leg squats

Around the clock single leg squat
Around the clock single leg squats

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Exercise those muscles around your legs and hips using this easy workout.

Begin on your left leg and move towards your front side as you do a 12 o’clock squat.

While at this position, move out to one side, rotate to a diagonal, then behind and further behind you.

Next, turn back slowly to your starting position.

Repeat the moves, this time beginning on your right leg.

3. Sumo Squat

Sumo Squat
Sumo Squat

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This is the perfect move for those wishing to make their inner thighs trimmer or tone their upper legs better.

Stand with your legs apart and toes stuck out slightly. Your feet could be shoulder-width wide.

Now, lift your chest up and stick your knees out, then go down as much as you can.

Then, break and lift your body back to your beginning position

4. Ab Workout


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Begin with a plank. Place your hands beneath your shoulders and your feet a little wide so that your core will stay tight during the exercise.

Next, while in this position, move your hands forwards. In case you have a mat, walk the hands to its end and back in. This should stretch your core and you can only keep your hips down by getting very tight.

You can drop your knees if you feel a lot of strain on your core and continue walking your hands in and out.

The beauty of the above exercises is that they are easy and time-saving, yet so effective. Also, you do not need any equipment to perform them. To top it all, you can do them at any time from anywhere.

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