How To Get Your Way EVERY Time


There are those who seem to be doing everything possible to make things happen for them in life, and then there are those who seem to sail through within the blink of the eye. Simon Cowell calls it the “X Factor”, while The Secret whispers about the Law of Attraction. By whatever name, definition, supernatural phenomena or lucky charm you want to label it, fact of the matter is that there are those who make life their bitch, and those that remain the underdog for the rest of their existence. But if you want to be the former, read on and get some awesome tips on How To Get Your Way EVERY Time:


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On Making A Person Like You

Facebook was not the first to bring LIKES as an approval method. Everyone wants the other person to like them, but sometimes it isn’t an easy feat. To achieve this, ask that person for a favor – could be requesting information, getting them to do something for you or anything that gets them to think that they want to do it, and so might be secretly favoring you. Get it?

On Becoming The Leader’s Pet

In every group, there’s the leader and the follower(s). If you’ve just been initiated in said group and want to grab the attention of the head, follow these two steps:

  1. When you say something, crack a joke or want recognition in general, look at the person. This subconsciously gets them in sync with you and as they look back at you, they connection “clicks”
  2. And on the note of syncing, try to mimic the body language of the leader. If they cross their legs, do the same; if they fold their arms, follow suit. This again acts on them subconsciously to assume that the both of you are similar and that breeds favoritism.

On Calming The Aggressor

If you’re like me, you loathe confrontation. It affects the aura, and all that. Aggressive people are so because they actually feel threatened, challenged and it’s hurting their ego, is all. To put your aggressor at ease, move from facing them to the side of where they are. This will automatically make them lower their volume due the proximity you now have. If it’s a negotiation that’s taking place, ask for something as high as Mt. Everest and when the other person balks at you, come down to what you originally wanted. This will make them feel like you are being reasonable as compared to before and they will more than likely agree to your terms and conditions.

On Getting The Group On Your Side

Small or big, groups are everywhere. The class has them, your office department is a group, the citizens of your country are a group and so on and so forth. It may seem close to impossible to make them dance to your tunes. Since you’re most probably not Avicii, you can’t get ’em to get a good feeling. If you think they’re making fun at something you say, ask them to repeat themselves – this makes them more conscious of you paying attention and they will soften the second blow. And if you want them to behave themselves when you’re not around, put up some sort of poster or camera or anything that represents an eye. Like Sauron, the One Eye will make them feel like they are being watched.

And last but not the least…


Boring happens all the time. The reason why we still have “celebrities” around is because they seem to be entertaining, what with their shenanigans and over-exposure of their personal lives. If you’re like everyone else, expect to live like everyone else. To stand out, you need to stand up and make what you do, say or are, count.

Be Interesting Get Your Way