Track Your Workout Goals With These Fitness Apps

Track your fitness with these workout apps

If your goals this year include keeping yourself fit, you should definitely have a look at these trending fitness apps below. Whether you are aiming to monitor your weight or just want a personal health trainer in your pocket, there is a mobile app available either for free or with minimal cost.

1. Fitbit

Fitbit app (Android, iOS) comes for free and is devised to work with wearable Fitbit activity tracker. However, it can be transformed into a separate fitness tracker app. Apart from that, the app can utilize sensors of smartphones as pedometers to trace your steps daily and utilize GPS to record your running and walking courses. What’s more? The app incorporates a food log that tracks your nutrition intake with the aid of caloric estimator or bar code scanner.

The Fitbit app allows you to track daily activities

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2. Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App

Johnson & Johnson (Android, iOS) app comes for free and both starters and experts alike will appreciate the 7 minute original workout guide it provides to users. There are also added workout routines of different intensity and duration along with short tutorial videos. Users can build their personal workout routines and the Smart Workout feature available, functions as a personal tutor.

Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute workout app acts as a personal trainer

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3. Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer (Android, iOS) provides a good number of free workouts along with audio and video tutorials. Users are also allowed to create their personal custom routines by accessing the app’s library. The workout routines can be shared online and users can try out the routines shared by the community. As a premium user, you will unlock added features including HD workout videos and will be able to remove ads.

Workout Trainer app also features audio and video tutorials

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JEFIT app (Android, iOS) is the coolest app available for users searching to do bodybuilding and strength training. The free routines come with step by step instructions, exercise log, workout planner, progress tracker, timers and are sorted out by targeted body part. The pro version which can be accessed through subscription offers added features and removes ads.

JEFITT offers the best exercises for body building and strength training

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5. Pocket Yoga

By investing a mere $2.99 you can carry around your personal yoga studio in your pocket. Pocket Yoga (Android, iOS) exercise app allows users to practice the primeval art of breathing and stretching at their own time and pace. The detailed voice and video tutorials for a varied range poses along with contents on how to execute them and health benefits are worth every penny. The app allows users to choose among three practices, three difficulties and three durations and logs the exercises and progress.

Pcket Yoga app offers all yoga exercises

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6. Strava Running & Cycling

Apart from being the best free running and cycling tracker, Strava Running & Cycling (Android, iOS) provides added competitive and gaming features. It keeps track of your running speed, time, distance covered and routes taken and clubs it with leader boards, challenges and achievements. The app supports a number of trackers including Android Wear. For premium subscribers the app offers filtered exercise goals and leader boards.

The Strava workout app is the best for tracking runs

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7. MapMyFitness

An all-in-one fitness app, Map MyFitness(Android, iOS) tracks your progress while running, walking or performing any other activities automatically. It records your exercise pace, the calories burned and also tracks your biking and running route with the aid of GPS tracker all for free. Added features including nutrition log and support for a number of tracking gadgets makes the app even better.

MapMyFitness App offers a nutrition log and supports a number of tracking gadgets

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8. Runkeeper

Runkeeper(Android, iOS) makes use of GPS to record your running, hiking, cycling and other activities that involves distance. This free app keeps track of your pace, time, distance and calories burned while allowing you to tag cool pictures you take on the way. Runkeeper can also sort out your workout and progress history and is compatible with a range of apps.

Runkeep App records your running, hiking, cycling and other activities that involves distance

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There are the 8 best fitness apps laid bare. Make the most of it while it is still there.