Galaxy Inspired Foods Trending This Summer

Galaxy food trends

Food trends have been rapidly changing over the years. Many are after making food “Instagrammable”, so that it can be noticed by the many, generating thousands of likes and comments. Recently, most food types have been rainbow-colored all the way from bagels and lattes to grilled cheese. For those starting to get rainbow food fatigue, a new food trend that shoots above the rainbows all the way to space is the new talk on social media. It goes by the name galaxy food.

Rainbow inspired food trend

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What is galaxy food you ask? Galaxy foods have currently taken over Instagram with over 2000 posts related to this new food trend. The galactic space-inspired foods are gaining popularity fast and word is more to their captivating looks is the fact that they taste pretty good.

How it all started

Heather Baird, a professional baker created her Black Velvet Nebula Cake from an inspiration drawn from the book about the Hubble Space Telescope. This was followed by social media booming with similar post uploads of galaxy foods.

Black Velvet Nebula Cake was inspired by the book about the Hubble Space Telescope

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Here are some of the few desserts inspired by the galaxy!

Galaxy Cupcakes

To get galaxy cupcakes, mix four different colored frosting’s in a piping bag preferably red, blue, black, and purple. Squeeze the mix on top of each of your cupcakes.

Galaxy inspired cupcake with colored frostings

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Galaxy Cookies

These cookies are cooked ordinarily and decorated with black, purple, blue, white, and pink icing to bring out the galaxy look.

Nebula inspired cookies

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Galaxy Cake Pops

Melt different colored candies to a bowl and make sure you don’t mix them too much. Dip your cake pops in the mix while twirling them and add edible glitter to make this awesome pops.

Cake pops with the galaxy theme

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Galaxy Macarons

After giving your macarons a resting period, apply the colored galaxy jelly. Preheat and after the macaron shells cool peel them off gently and fill the shells with jelly.

Delicious galaxy themed macarons

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Galaxy Donuts

Once your donuts are cooked, mix some icing sugar, milk vanilla extract, food color and sprinkles. Dip the donuts in the mix and sprinkle gold and silver stars on them.

Galaxy inspired donuts

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Galaxy Milkshake

This is an ordinary milkshake with a mixture of purple, pink, and blue that blend nicely bringing out a bubblegum-like milkshake with a galaxy finishing.

Milkshake inspored by the galaxy

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These captivating galaxy treats are definitely worth the try. With food trends changing fast we all want to explore the different options available. Galaxy foods are no doubt an absolutely magical trend you can’t get enough of.