The Best Dressed At Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards 2016

Matt Damon and Ben Afflick pick the "Guys of The Decade" Award.

The second-half of awards season is here, and because it is summer, stars and starlets alike dressed themselves all glamorously, with good skin to show. Spike TV’s Guy Choice Awards 2016 was here this past Sunday, and we are making a list of the best dressed who sashayed down the red carpet:

Gigi Hadid

The Victoria’s Secret Angel showed off her legs for days in a cut out David Koma dress. Her beautiful smile and luscious hair were on full display as she accepted the “Our New Girlfriend” award, hinting broadly that she’s still together with former One Direction band member, Zayn Malik and stating that she’s “always been a good girlfriend”.

Gigi Hadid at Spike Tvs’s Guys Choice Awards 2016, in a David Koma dress

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Chrissy Teigen

The proud new mother and wife of singer John Legend, Chrissy Teigen was glowing as she grinned at the cameras along with her dashing groom. The Sports Illustrated model looked fit and didn’t show any post-pregnancy weight at all. They both looked like the newly-weds they are, and proud parents to baby Luna.

New mother Chrissy Teigen, dressed in all black, at the Guys Choice Awards 2016

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Olivia Munn

The model-turned-actress has done great with her new diet and workout regime that she discussed about in a magazine interview. The X-Men: Apocalypse star wore a beautiful lace LBD with summer braids in her hair and rose-gold cheeks.

The X-Men Apocalypse star looked stunning in a LBD at Spike Tv’s Guys Choice Awards 2016

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Sarah Hyland

The Modern Family star was drop-dead gorgeous in her flowy jumpsuit and sun-kissed skin. As per her Instagram, she seemed to be at Knott’s Berry Farm theme park just a few hours before the star-studded awards night, but still managed to look like a million bucks as she posed for cameras.

The Modern Family star, Sarah Hyland, dressed in a black see-through gown at Spike Tv’s Guys Choice awards 2016

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Norman Reedus

The red carpet wasn’t only laid out for the ladies of the awards night. Even the men dressed to the nines in tuxedos and designer suits, and one hunk in particular stood out as he posed alone and confident – The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus. He paired his suit with his signature shaggy hair and peppered beard.

The Walking Dead star, Norman Reedus along with his suit and his signature shaggy hair and peppered beard.

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Amber Miller

The starlet never looked more magnificent than when she took the red carpet along with her martial arts expert and former Celebrity Apprentice participant, Tito Ortiz. They matched when they walked in arm-in-arm – she in a black dress that shaped around her ample curves, and he wore a buttoned suit.

Amber Miller along with celebrity apprentice participant, Tito Ortiz

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Andra Day

Rise Up singer Andra was all smiles on one of the few red carpets she is ever seen on. She wore a white-suit or jumpsuit (looked a little confusing) but paired it with a bright red jacket that she fashionably held to her waist.

Rise Up singer Andra Day donned a white jumpsuit along with a vintage red jacket

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Adam Devine

His co-star and on-screen girlfriend, Sarah Hyland may have attended the same event, but he came with his real life partner, Chloe Bridges, to one of their first red carpets together. They smiled brilliantly and looked so happy together. She wore a jumpsuit type dress that wrapped around her slender figure, while he wore a sombre suit and blue tie.

Modern Family star Adam Devine along with his partner, Chloe Bridges at Spike Tv’s Guys Choice Awards 2016

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