Tricks To Get Your Makeup Right In A Hurry

Things to include in your everyday make up

Ladies, not all of us want to get out of the house looking the same way we got up! A little dab and dash of makeup makes us go from looking like a horror movie character into a barbie doll! Though you may not have the time to completely paint your face if you’re in a hurry to walk out the door, you can follow these effective and quick tricks to look presentable at all times!

Many of us like to use a sort of foundation in the form of powder or liquid to add a smooth finish and tone our faces. Mixing a little of your favorite foundation with face cream or lotion and evenly applying it to your face will add shine and hydrate your skin.

Mix your foundation with moisturizer for that extra hydration

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In case you’re going for a casual look, you don’t want to look like you’re hitting the club when you’re just hopping to the grocery store. However, dry and discolored lips do not look good at all. Go for a nude color and dab it on to your lips for an even tone that looks natural.

Avoid regular heavy make up and go for the nude look

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For everyday use, matte makeup is always our go-to savior. It does the work of covering our blemishes, while at the same time staying strongly on our faces longer than the gloss variety. However, it may make us feel dry as it sticks to our skin. Always apply a hydrating lotion or lip balm to various parts of your face so that your makeup doesn’t stain nor dry the skin.

Avoid dryness by applying lip balm or moisturizer on dry parts on your face

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Another irritating part about makeup is that old makeup that was not cleaned up the night before ends up smudging and staining our skin. In case you want to get rid of yesterday’s waterproof eye liner, dip a cotton bud in lotion and gently dab around the eyes. Do not tug nor pull the skin, but doing it gently will still get the job done.

Get rid of your eye makeup using a cotton pad and some moisturizer

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Any girl who is worth her femininity will swear by mascara. It adds a dash of drama and glamor to any makeup look. Even if you’re planning on no makeup, take the time to apply some mascara to your eyelashes for wider eyes and mysterious looks through the day.

Apply maskara for wider looking eyes

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Though they say that waterproof makeup lasts all day long, the truth is that it is always more difficult to take that type of makeup off, as compared to the regular kind. And makeup left too long on the face will stain the skin and the chemicals will harm it in the long run. Choose the regular kind for makeup that regularly touches skin like lipsticks and blush, though you can choose waterproof mascara for your lashes.

When in a hurry, use regular make up over water proof

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Most of us run out of the house late for work during the week. But once you get there, you can always make use of a makeup kit for touch-ups through the day so you look fresh as a daisy when with a client or attending a meeting. Carry one in your purse or store some essentials in your locker and you’re good to go!

Always carry a make up kit in your hand bag for touch ups

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Always remember what makeup works for you best – pick the top three. It could be lipstick, mascara, foundation or eyeliner, blush, lipstick or some other combination. Learn the art of applying these three within record time, so that no matter in how much of a hurry you might be, you always have just enough time to look your best.

Pick your top favorite lipsticks

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