Sylvester Stallone’s ‘The Expendables’ Cast Seems As It Was In The 1980’s


Updated Trends: Sylvester Stallone’s ‘The Expendables’ Cast Seems Like As It Was In The 1980’s

The unbelievable, mind boggling and adrenaline pumping action from Stallone’s latest flick, ‘The Expendables’ takes cinema to the next level. The whole movie looks as if it is just out of the 80’s action bomb, something that the whole movie universe hungered to watch. A crew that could tear apart the whole movie set, and their action is something that can explode any time.


Stallone and his men are the guys just out of the era of the 80’s, where action was flawless. It was only after the late 90’s when viewers wished for something big like the olden times. But Hollywood couldn’t deliver anything like Rambo or The Terminator or Die Hard, once again during the end of the century.

The cast of the movie is so good, that even a movie skeptic will have second thoughts to watch it. It nothing less than the 80’s era and surely this movie is big. One could question why it lasts for a mere 2 hours, and whether it could have been longer. One needs to watch this movie, and if one was a die hard fan of the 80’s action, then this is will be ritual for him to watch.