5 Great Home Exercises To Get A Good Looking Torso


Having a good shaped torso does not only give a person a perfectly shaped body, but also offer so many health benefits. If you had never considered working your torso then it’s high time you started. The torso is a very important part of one’s body; it is the main core that gives the upper part of the body a strong upright structure. So, how does one exercise from home in order to get good looking torso?

There are 5 great home exercises to get a good looking torso, they include;

1. Leg Curls

Image Source: wger.de

For a perfect torso posture, one is encouraged to perform leg curls.

You begin by lying on your back and your hands resting beneath your head. Then lift your legs slowly until they are at a right-angle to your body, suck-in the belly button to enable the lower back to touch the surface. Now you will lower the legs each at a time close enough to the surface but not touching then lift them back up to the starting position. You can always start with 5-10 on each leg and improve as you continue.

2. Core toner

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The core toner aims to improve one’s buttock muscles which make the platform for a strong core. You begin by taking the plank position – lye facing down with the hands underneath your shoulders. Lift your body and rest on your forearms, assume this position for the rest of the exercise. Now slowly lift your leg up then lower it slowly to its starting position, repeat for each leg simultaneously.

3. V-crunches

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This type of exercise simulates the normal sit-ups routine except for the part where you have to raise the lower part of the body as you raise the upper part. Perform this routine slowly for effective results.

4. Knee tucks

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Starting from the press-up position, lift your body until your arms are perfectly straight. Now for the knee tucks, you will have to lift a foot and bring the knee towards your chest. Don’t force anything, when you feel that the lower back is bending you stop and switch to the other leg.

5. Waist hone

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Though this exercise may seem simple, it is very effective in developing one’s side muscles. Start in a standing position with your feet slightly apart, and then try bending your body to the side so that you can touch your knee. Do these for both sides as you alternate.