3 Things not to do with a vacuum cleaner


    Vacuum cleaners can prove to be a good support while cleaning up the house. They suck up all the dirt and dust from the surface without spreading the dust anywhere else. But not many of us are aware of the proper usage of the vacuum cleaners. Here are a few things that you must not vacuum.

    vacuum cleaner use

    1. Water – Never vacuum water as regular vacuum cleaners are not designed to do so, and if you do then there is a big risk of electrocution and can also cause some serious damage to the machine. The market has Wet/Dry vacuum cleaners which are designed to suck up water without risking the life of the machine. They are inexpensive and can be a good addition during emergencies.
    2. Hard objects – When you find a small rock whole vacuuming, do not be lazy to tempted to run the machine over it as it might get inside and cause serious damage to the machine or might hide at a corner from where it might become difficult to remove. Small objects might not damage the cleaner every time, but if it does, even one time will be enough.
    3. Overfilled vacuum cleaner – Every vacuum cleaner has a capacity and needs to be emptied regularly. If they are not emptied then the machine might drastically perform. If you run a machine then overfilled there are chances that it might get overheated and damage the machine.

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