4 Signs of depression in teenagers


Wake up and smell the coffee, your teen might be depressed.

Teenage depression isn’t an unheard concept, but it is definitely not talked about that much. Teens are years that are characterized by confusion; it is a sort of a cusp age where a teenager is expected to move into the role of a responsible adult, but this transition is filled with all sorts of confusion, chaos and conflicting emotions. Teenagers trying to carve out an identity for themselves, but well, that isn’t an easy task right?

Here are the top 4 signs of depression in teenagers that parents should be on the watch out for.

  1. Fluctuating eating habits – A research published in the American Journal Epidemiology on depressed teens established a clear empirical link between obese girls and depression. Not only obesity, but also any kind of change in eating habits – this can be less or more food – is a clear sign that something is wrong. Obsession with body image is also another tell tale sign.
  2. Mood swings– Mood swing can get to the best of us, but there is a point after which they become serious. Mood swings that entail your teenager locking himself/herself up in a room all day long or violent outbursts for no rhyme or reason are the ones to worry about.
  3. Changes in everyday activities– Teenagers who are depressed can face changes in sleep patterns. Unwanted feelings usually arise in the night when you try to sleep, due to which many times they are unable to sleep at night and feel drowsy during the day. Beware; this can be a sign of depression.
  4. Withdrawing from social life – One of the most important tell tale signs of depression is someone withdrawing from social life. If you see your teenager gradually moving away from all kinds of social activity and breaking up with friends, then its time you woke up and smelt the coffee. 

Photo Credits: namx