4 Ways to wake up without coffee


Ever tried to wake up without coffee? It is time to make a fresh start.

Coffee can be a great way to begin an anticipatedly long day. The habit has been known to reduce the risk of diabetes, some cancers and even depression. However, if you are looking for other effective ways refresh yourself in the morning, here are a few alternatives that can help you wake up without coffee.


1. An apple a day – An apple can be a delicious and a very healthy way to kickstart your day. Nothing can be better than having the revitalizing fruit on an empty stomach, as it contains natural sugars with carbohydrates, which help stabilize blood sugar levels.

2. Start exercising immediately after bed – No need to invest in the right gear for exercise, just get out of the bed and start warming up. Exercise helps release endorphins, which can make you feel more prepared for the day.

3. Get out in some fresh air – As soon as you wake up, consider a good stroll outside, early in the morning, and fill your lungs with some fresh air. Basking in early morning sunlight provides vitamin D, which is good for bone health.

4. Listen to some pumped up music – Make your own favorite track list containing some energizing music. Turn it on as soon as you wake up in the morning and activate yourself.

Photo Credits: masterschannel