5 Habits that can lead to brain damage

habits that cause Brain damage

Time to drop these vices on their heads and adopt a safer lifestyle to avoid brain damage.

There are various activities which are categorized as unhealthy for daily use and may cause brain damage. Beware of the following habits which have the potential to mess up your grey matter.

1. Overeating – When a person overeats, the brain arteries become hard, resulting in a decrease in mental power. This is the reason why many times people are not able to concentrate on their work after they are overfed.

2. Smoking – Smoking is any way injurious to health, but it also has great potential to damage your brain. Cigarettes contain nicotine and a few chemical substances which can cause the brain to shrink.

3. Consumption of food with high sugar levels – Any food which is consumed in excess can be harmful. Consuming high sugar content can interrupt the absorption of proteins and nutrients. This can result in deficiency and also interfere in the functioning of your brain.

4. Skipping breakfast – People who do not have breakfast are more prone to diabetics. Skipping breakfast results in low sugar levels in the body, which can cause brain damage and hamper optimum functioning.

5. Lack of sleep – Sleep is very essential for the brain as it is a source of rejuvenation. If your brain is not given ample rest, it can result in great damage to brain cells.

Photo Credits: ninemsn