4 Precautions to take while handling fireworks


Being careless with fireworks can cause you great harm.

Fireworks can be very dangerous and can have hazardous, long term effects or even permanent injusry if they are not handled with care. However, a few simple precautions can protect you from the possible dangers of fireworks.

1. Wear proper outfits – While handling fireworks, make sure that you wear compact cotton clothes that are not flowy, instead of flammable fabrics such as satin.

2. Read instructions carefully – Every firecracker has a different timer and process of burning. Read the instructions on the bought box properly and try following them.

3. Light fireworks in open space – When lighting fireworks, make sure that you do that in an open space and not near an object or a vehicle. Vehicles can catch fire easily, causing accidents. Also, avoid bursting crackers in glass or metal containers, as they can cause injuries when they burst.

4. Never carry firecrackers in your pocket – You should at all times be aware enough to not keep any firecrackers in your pockets, as you might sit near a combustible substance or near a hot region where heat could cause the substance to burst.

Photo Credits: toonaripost