Top 5 energizing foods


You are what you eat! Learn about these energizing foods.

Humans aren’t much different from machines when it comes to functioning efficiently! Supply a machine with fuel and it will work like a new one everyday. It is the same mantra for us humans, we need food in our body for our mind to function efficiently. However, there are particular foods which are ostracized from the health category; foods with empty calories and no greater good!

Top 5 energising foods

Here are the top 5 energy boosting foods.

 1. Citrus fruits – Citrus fruits are packed with copious amounts of vitamin C which help build the body’s immunity and resistance to any infections. Fruits like oranges, strawberries, kiwis, mangoes and grapefruits are high on vitamin C.

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2. Lean meat – If steak is your preferred choice of meet, then you might want to weigh your options against other contenders like skinless chicken and turkey. Lean meats are packed with vitamin B12 – a great source of energy.

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3. Eggs – Eggs have a variety of benefits, not only are they a superb source of protein – highly recommended for gym goers – but also contain minerals like phosphorous, chromium and zinc which are sure shot energy boosters.

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4. Green tea – If you aren’t a fan a this beverage, then its time your changed your opinion! Green tea has a host of antioxidants which help the body to feel revitalized and fresh. Green tea is also highly recommended by weight watchers and diet gurus, as it is has proved to be beneficial for weight loss patients. 

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5. Garlic – This might not be the best breath freshener, but can help fill your body with oodles of energy. Garlic contains a particular fibre known as inulin which helps the body to feel full for longer. It also wards of fatigue as it helps in the absorption of iron.

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