4 natural ways to get rid of body odour


Smell is as important as looking good! Learn natural ways to get rid of body odor.

“First impression is the last impression” – this quote might not always hold true, but it will definitely prove its worth if body odor is something you don’t take off. Despite the perfume industry making big bucks, body odor is often the last concern for a lot of people – it should actually be on top of the list. 

 Here are a few natural ways to avoid body odor.

ways to get rid of body odour

1. Lemon juice on skin – Lemon juice’s fragrant properties have been exploited since ancient times, it can be a great natural deodorizer which can help get rid of bad body odor. Body odor is usually caused due to the growth of bacteria, rubbing lemon juice reduces the pH of the skin and makes it more acidic, limiting the growth of bacteria.

2. Apply apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar is a good anti-septic and is known for killing bacteria. Apply it with a cotton ball on the skin and allow it to dry for a few minutes, do not wash it off.

However, people with a sensitive skin should be slightly cautious as apple cider vinegar might not react too well with all skin types.

3. Orange peel – Oranges contain plenty of vitamin C and citric acid, hence, are very useful to get rid of body odor. Oranges are mildly acidic and are good for people with sensitive skin types, they also help to remove blemishes off the skin.

4. Tomato juice – While having bath, add tomato juice to your bathing water. Tomatoes have antiseptic properties and can aid in the reduction body odor.

Photo Credits: BP