Top 4 best low-fat cheese options


Don’t abandon cheese, just opt for low-fat cheese options.

If cheese is your loyal companion for every meal, but you’re thinking of losing weight, then low fat cheeses are the way to go. Cheese is often demonized by dietitians and weight watchers because of the high fat content in it. However, if you opt for low-fat versions instead of the processed versions, then cheese can be a healthy snack. 

low-fat cheese options

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Here are the best top 4 low-fat cheeses to opt for.

1. Ricotta cheese – This cheese might not have the same texture as hard cheese, but it is definitely kind to your calorie counter. One ounce of a whole milk variant of Ricotta contains 4 grams of fat, while the non-fat varieties contain around 2 grams. It might not be the idle fit with nachos, but tastes excellent as a sandwich spread or on plain toast as opposed to cream cheese. 

2. Feta cheese – This creamy crumbly Greek delight is definitely good for weight watchers, as one ounce of Feta contains only 6 grams of fat vis-a-vis hard cheeses like Cheddar which come with around 8 grams of fat per ounce. 

3. Swiss Jarlsberg Lite – One single slice of this nutty and gooey cheese contains around 50 calories, 2.5 grams of fat. 

4. Gouda Legendary Light – Light but sharp in flavor, this gouda has a silk-like texture and is good for dieters. One ounce of serving contains around 86 calories i.e 5 grams of fat.