Ways to keep indoor plants fresh and healthy


    Don’t ignore your indoor plants, keep them fresh and healthy. 

    Indoor plants are one of the most difficult things to be maintained at home. Most of us face problems maintaining or keeping indoor plants fresh and prim. 

    indoor plants fresh and healthy

    Here are a few ways by which you can take care of fragile home plants.

    1. Right position – Plants need to undergo photosynthesis to be alive. Make sure that you keep the plants at a spot where it can receive maximum sunlight. An open window can be a great idea as it is a place where it can receive air as well as sunlight.

    2. Place them in darkness – This might seem a bit strange, but plants also need some amount of darkness to be alive. So make sure that you turn off the lights completely at bedtime. 

    3. Water the plants – Plants need water to survive like every living being does. This also depends on what kind of plants you keep at home. There are certain plants which do not require much water so make sure that you don’t overwater them.

    4. Right fertilizers and soil – It is also important to give plants the right soil and fertilizers. Get your plants the right soil that is needed for their growth, and fertilizers to provide nutrition.

    Photo Credits: tikkat