Bone Black – A Creation Of Bell Hooks Is Dedicated To Women


Updated Trends: Bone Black – A Creation Of Bell Hooks Is Dedicated To Women

A book written by Bell Hooks, ‘Bone Black’ is something every woman will relate to. The book was written much before but has found place in the stores now. The memories of Hook’s childhood have been imbibed in the book.

Bell Hooks

The book deals with the same emotions that a woman goes through. It tells, what were her growing up years like in the southern society. How a woman has to have control over her happiness.

Hooks is someone who has always stood up in the favour of women but her book is for everyone to read. Women in Asia, Arab and Central America would empathize with her through this book.

In Bone Black she tries to tell that a woman is a woman, irrespective of the society she is living in. There are always people sitting, to overpower women whether they have achieved anything in life or not.

In the book she speaks about her, self experience about how at an early age she understood what actually are the roles played by men and women in the society. She in the book writes that she finds solace in loneliness and her books.