4 easy and safe ways to clean LCD screens


Go ahead and clean your LCD screens without worrying about damage.

Flat screen monitors are one of the most sensitive objects in the house and office. Special care has to be taken before cleaning or handling them. The flat screen monitors these days are very fragile and can easily get scratched or damaged.

LCD screens

Here are a few tips which can be useful while cleaning your expensive LCD screens.

1. Switch off – The first step towards safety is to turn off the device that you need to clean. It will be easier to see the areas which have the maximum dust or oil.

2. Dry cloth – Wipe off the primary dust on the screen with the help of a dry and clean cloth which is specially meant for cleaning the screens. A microfiber type of cloth is the best option to clean eye glass lenses. Even a dry eraser can work well. Beware that if the dry cloth does not remove the dust properly then do not try to press harder.

3. Distilled water – If essential, dampen the cloth with some distilled water and equal quantity of white vinegar. There are also some companies which sell a small spray bottle with a special cleaner for the flat screens.

4. Cleaning the plastic edges – The plastic edges on the screen can be cleaned with any regular cleaner, but just avoid any contact with the screen.

Photo Credits: mariahousecleaning