5 easy ways to remove ink stains from clothes


You don’t have to dispose of clothes with ink stains, learn about more ways to remove them at home.

Cleaning ink stains from clothes can be an uphill task, not only are they entrenched in the fabric but are extremely difficult to take out with a normal wash. School kids are the one’s who are most vulnerable to ink stains. 

ways to remove ink stains

Here are 5 easy ways by which you can rid of ink stains on clothes at home.

1. Hand sanitizer – Yes, a hand sanitizer can be of aid when it comes to removing stubborn ink stains from clothes. Use a few drops of hand sanitizer directly on the cloth and rub a little, the ink stain will definitely begin to fade.

2. Alcohol – Try running alcohol directly on the stain, this is usually a very effective method to remove ink stains. After pouring alcohol, allow it to settle on the garment for a a few minutes and wash it off.

3. Hair spray – Even hair spray has contents of alcohol in it and can be thus be used for this purpose. After the hair spray lightens the ink stain, put the garment for a spin in the washing machine.

4. Ammonia – You can directly dab some ammonia on the ink stain and allow it to rest for a few minutes before washing it off. Also, use some regular detergent on the stain after most of the stain has been lifted.

5. Toothpaste – Make sure that you use a non gel toothpaste and spread it with your finger directly on the stain and see your ink stain vanish in minutes.

Photo Credits: webparx