5 lights you must have in your home


    Light up your home with these 5 kinds of must have lights.

    Let there be light! A home without light is definitely ludicrous! So we all install lights in our house, but have you ever thought of what kind of lighting would actually suit your home? 

    lights you must have in your home

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    Here are 5 kinds of lights that every home must have.

    1. Accent lighting – These lights are used to lighten up and enhance a particular part of the room or any particular object. A very good example of accent lighting would be a light below a painting or a portrait that throws light bottom down or vice versa onto the painting or sculpture that it aims to enhance.

    Accent Lighting

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    2. Ambient lighting – This kind of light is simple in its function, these are the kind of lights that fill the room. Ambient lights diffuse brightness across the room and produce an all round lit up effect. 


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    3. Can or recessed lighting – Can or recessed lights get their name from the can-like fixtures within which lights are attached. The advantage of these lights is that they can be attached to dimmer and they also provide a good touch to modern decor-themed homes. 

    recessed lighting

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    4. Night lighting – This is essential if you a have kids rooms in the house. Kids can often be scared of the dark and hence small night lamps are a good option. They also mitigate the risk of a kids stumbling and hurting themselves in the dark. These days, night lamps for kids rooms come in various innovative shapes that appeal to kids. 

    kids bedroom lights

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    5. Decorative lighting – Decorative lights add a subtle but artsy touch to your home. Whether it is a lamp with a decorative exterior that diffuses patterned lighting effect or just a modern decor lamp for show, decorative lights make for the wow factor in your home.


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